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What goes into the cost of luxury yachts for sale? Is it the materials being used during the ships contruction? Is it the design or style being requested by a wealthy owner? Obviously there are many factors involved.

Luxury yachts for sale at Crow’s Nest Yachts are manufactured by world renowned ship builders such as Viking and Tiara. In fact, Crow’s Nest is the exclusive west coast dealer for Tiara.

The price of luxury yachts for sale is not just from what is on the outside. Most of it is actually from what is inside. The largest, considered to be of super-yacht status, which is in the 148 to 164 foot range, have three decks usually with cabins for about 12 guests. But for a wider area, there are four decks. The top-most deck is called the Sun deck. It is where Jacuzzi hot tubs are usually placed. The next deck is called the Upper deck, the floor of the Sun deck. Outdoor forms of dining can be found in this area. It also contains the Captain's cabin and the bridge. The Upper deck is followed by the Main deck, the covered exterior deck where the owner's suite can be found. Last is the Lower deck. A swimming pool can be placed here. Around 5 guest cabins are located here and also the quarter rooms for the crew.

There are other expenses which put a yacht into the luxury yacht category. Weekly charter rates all over the world range from about 20,000 to 660,000 Euros. Twenty-five to thirty percent of which is charged to the food, fuel and costs of anchorage; another fifteen to twenty percent goes to the services of the crew.

To see the best selection of luxury yachts for sale on the west coast, browse thru the pages of Crow’s Nest Yachts online storefront. We provide the best boat show online.

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